Collection: Gevril


In the opulent tapestry of horological history, a luminary emerged in 1758 – Jacques Gevril, a budding maestro of timepieces and chronicles, embarked on a transformative odyssey. His path intertwined with that of his counterpart, the illustrious Pierre Jaquet-Droz, leading them to the grandeur of Madrid's courts. In the presence of King Ferdinand VI, a symphony of intricate musical automata unfolded, casting an enchanting spell that captivated the monarch's discerning gaze. Such was the splendor that every masterpiece found a new home in the king's collection, a testament to their resplendent artistry.

As seasons shifted and epochs evolved, Jaquet-Droz returned to familiar shores, while Gevril's destiny took a different course. Spain's embrace became his sanctuary, a haven where the fires of his craft were stoked to brilliance. Bestowed with the distinguished title of Royal Watchmaker by the very monarch he had entranced, Gevril's name became synonymous with horological excellence. Amidst the sun-soaked landscapes, he refined his métier, orchestrating time itself with masterful precision, and adorning the wrists of royalty with timepieces that whispered tales of refinement and regality.

The passage of years saw Gevril's legacy carried forward by generations, a lineage of watchmaking virtuosos, including the luminaries Moyse Gevril and Daniel Gevril. In their skilled hands, horological innovation merged seamlessly with the artistry of enameling, painting time with strokes of artistic ingenuity. Today, the resplendent echoes of Gevril's legacy resonate, captured within the intricate chambers of pocket watches that beckon collectors with their storied allure. An exquisite embodiment of time's mastery graces the Muséum Genève, while another finds its esteemed abode within the treasury of the Wilsdorf family, founders of the iconic Rolex empire.

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