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The history of Gevril watches is a story that combines an illustrious watchmaking past with an innovative modern revitalization. The company origins date back to the mid-18th century and Jacques Gevril, the gifted Swiss watchmaker who is the founder and inspiration of the eponymous brand. Today the Gevril name endures thanks to the vision of Swiss horologist and businessman, Samuel Friedmann, who lifted the brand to its current heights as an established Swiss watch company.


In the 1990s a Swiss distributor acquired rights to the Gevril name, eventually launching a series of Gevril watches at the Basel Fair in 1995. But the brand’s true renaissance occurred in 2001 when Samuel Friedmann purchased the Gevril brand. Friedmann, who grew up in Lugano, Switzerland, understood the significance of the Gevril name and wanted to see it prosper in the world of contemporary watchmaking. He was determined to return the brand to its previous brilliance.

Gevril operates a full-service watch repair shop that’s housed in its 7,000 square foot corporate headquarters northwest of New York City in order to fulfill warranty service and handle any repair from cleaning and regulation to water testing, providing quick turnaround, whether the customer comes through the retailer or contacts us directly.

You can email us at support@gevril.com or call us at 845-425-9882.

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