About Gevril

A Symphony of Elegance and Prestige: A Fusion of Time-Honored Legacy with Unrivaled Opulence

Embark upon a journey into the resplendent annals of Gevril watches, where history intertwines with innovation, and tradition dances harmoniously with modern splendor. The saga of Gevril's horological mastery traces its roots to the mid-18th century, a bygone era illuminated by the brilliance of Jacques Gevril, the virtuoso Swiss horologist who bestowed his illustrious name upon the eponymous marque.

Heritage of Eminent Distinction

In the year 1758, Jacques Gevril's horological brilliance was ascending like the sun, illuminating the realm of watchmaking. A fateful expedition alongside his esteemed compatriot Pierre Jaquet-Droz led them to the opulent courts of Madrid. In a mesmerizing display, they unveiled an array of intricate musical automata before the discerning gaze of King Ferdinand VI. A symphony of awe unfurled as the monarch's admiration transcended bounds, compelling him to acquire every masterpiece on display. While Jaquet-Droz ventured homeward, Gevril chose to linger within the Spanish embrace, cultivating his legacy as a master craftsman. His remarkable skills secured him the august title of Royal Watchmaker, a testament to his devotion. The passage of time saw Gevril's tenure in Spain flourish, as he poured his artistry into crafting horological wonders fit for regal adoration.

The Enduring Embrace of Gevril Traditions

Echelons of time bore witness to the enduring flame of Gevril's legacy, carried forth by succeeding generations of the Gevril lineage. Figures such as Moyse Gevril and Daniel Gevril cast their own indelible imprints upon the horological canvas, their ingenuity marked by the genesis of novel horological mechanisms and the finesse of enameling artistry. The present day finds Gevril's pocket watches coveted as objets d'art of supreme rarity, with one enshrined within the hallowed halls of Muséum Genève, and another nestled amongst the treasures held dear by the venerable Wilsdorf family, architects of Rolex's opulent dynasty.

A Resplendent Resurgence

The dawn of the 1990s bore witness to a Swiss luminary who would rekindle the dormant embers of Gevril's name, unveiling an exquisite line of timepieces under its banner at the esteemed Basel Fair in 1995. Yet, it was in the year 2001 that Gevril's resplendent phoenix truly soared, as a visionary Swiss magnate, adorned with an ardor for horology, assumed the mantle of Gevril's stewardship. Acknowledging the profound significance enshrined within the Gevril legacy, he aspired to invigorate its prominence within the contemporary pantheon of watchmaking. A steadfast determination to restore the brand to its opulent zenith burgeoned within his heart.

 The Sanctum of Gevril Horlogerie remained ensconced within Switzerland's venerable embrace, a crucible wherein each year approximately 6,000 meticulously crafted Swiss mechanical timepieces unfurled their splendor. Limited editions, graced with the resplendence of 18 kt. gold or the peerless luster of stainless steel, bore the hallmark of Gevril's dedication to refinement. Meanwhile, the effervescent heart of Gevril, its headquarters, transmigrated to the resplendent tapestry of New York.

An Ode to Visionaries, An Overture to Originality

Gevril's essence pulsates within the realm of imaginative chronometry, an artistry bestowed upon kindred souls who exude originality. A luminary aspect that harks back to the ingenuity of Jacques Gevril himself, an artificer of brilliance and boundless achievement. The currents of modernity flow harmoniously with the rivulets of Swiss lineage, cascading through the annals of time and reminding all that innovation is the beating heart of Gevril's artisans. With a lineage replete with opulence and endurance, and the vibrant canvas of one of the world's grandest cities as its muse, Gevril thrives, mirroring the luminous trajectory of its founder who once adorned the Spanish Crown's court with horological magnificence.