Collection: Hudson Yards

Emerging as the pinnacle of refinement within the Divers Collection, the Hudson Yards edition transcends horological boundaries to encapsulate the very essence of Manhattan's vibrant lower west side gated community. A symphony of culture and commerce, this collection is more than timekeeping – it's an embodiment of aspiration and achievement. In every sense, whether beneath the waves or atop exquisite dining, the Hudson Yards stands as a resolute victor.

A tapestry woven with the threads of luxury and versatility, the Hudson Yards collection unveils itself in seven distinctive styles, each a symphony of bold statements harmoniously designed for the depths of 300 meters below or the elegance of fine dining above. Adorning the wrist with a canvas of classic black, vibrant green, or the enigmatic diver blue watch face, the opulent allure extends to the options of gold or silver stainless steel, each a masterpiece meticulously assembled with Sellita’s hallmark Swiss automatic movements. Beyond the superficial grandeur, this collection is more than mere aesthetics – it resonates with water resistance up to an astounding 300 meters or 1,000 feet, encompassing a helium release valve that attests to its unwavering seriousness in catering to the most audacious of divers.

The bracelet, a marvel in both form and function, reminiscent of a well-laid train track, is forged for unparalleled durability, bearing a testament to strength that defies breaking or bending. The design, a fusion of aesthetics and utility, dances with luminous markers and a ceramic rotating bezel, a play of light and shadow that elevates its status from accessory to masterpiece. Each piece is an embodiment of resilience and flair, a testimony to artistry that melds endurance with elegance.

The Hudson Yards is more than a watch; it's an embodiment of transcendent versatility that traverses oceanic depths and ascends to Michelin-starred heights with unparalleled grace. A choice that captures the essence of both opulence and functionality, the Hudson Yards is a mark of distinction that leaves an indelible impression.

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