Collection: Wallabout

Embracing the legacy of Brooklyn's resolute Wallabout neighborhood, renowned for its maritime heritage and Navy Ship Yards, where the echoes of skilled craftsmen resonate through its storied past, Gevril's exclusive Wallabout Collection emerges as a symbol of unwavering reliability and masculine elegance.

With an amalgamation of time-honored artistry and contemporary innovation, the 44mm Wallabout timepiece stands as a testament to craftsmanship elevated to an art form. But what truly sets this collection apart is its remarkable internal compass bezel, a feat of engineering that marries utility with sophistication. This exceptional compass capability, poised within the Stainless Steel Case, is crowned by two bold crowns — one dedicated to the precise calibration of time, and the other expertly orienting the compass, alluding to the timepieces' multifaceted utility.

Driven by the precision of Swiss automatic movement, the superior Wallabout exudes an air of excellence. Its luminous hands and hour markers stand out against the backdrop of a meticulously hand-etched streetscape, offering a seamless blend of aesthetic mastery and technical prowess.

In its essence, the Wallabout is not just a timepiece; it is an embodiment of sharpness and power, a fusion of well-crafted machinery and impeccable design. This horological masterpiece stands as a testament to the essence of a modern man — dynamic, accomplished, and unwaveringly stylish. Every glance at the Wallabout is a tribute to tradition and a nod to the avant-garde, capturing the spirit of a classic yet contemporary lifestyle.

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