Collection: Guggenheim

With its ode to modernism, Gevril’s Guggenheim automatic is the incredible effect of inspired architecture in an outstanding timepiece. In a word – sleek. As though Frank Lloyd Wright designed it himself, the Guggenheim is a stunning, simplistic – yet never overly simplified – standout.

Perhaps Gevril’s most remarkable feat of engineering, the Guggenheim features the thinnest automatic movement yet at a mere 3.6mm. With ultra slim movement mirrored through the timepiece’s ultra slim stainless steel case, its stature is imposing in style only. The rich, blue dial highlights spiraled date markers, a subtle homage to the Guggenheim namesake, and ties in the genuine blue, Italian leather band with ease to its approach.

Constructed with the same thought and care behind every Gevril watch, the Guggenheim takes its place as the rightful, American modernistic take on traditional Swiss craftsmanship. Minimalist design with maximalist effect: Gevril Guggenheim.