Gevril Warranty

Your Watch Warranty
Your new watch is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. Registration is required within 90 days of purchase. Click here to register your watch:

What Your Watch Warranty Covers
The watch warranty covers manufacturing defects only. During the warranty period, your watch will be repaired free of charge at Gevril Repair Center by one of our expert authorized watchmakers.

We cannot provide warranty service for:

  • Damage caused by improper care or natural causes beyond our control, i.e., not resulting from a manufacturing defect, including but not limited to improper care and improper storage of the watch.
  • Watches repaired, altered, or whose case has been opened anywhere other than at an authorized service center.
  • Theft or loss.
  • Water damage if care instructions for the product's water resistance levels (as marked on the product) were not followed.
  • Normal wear and tear, such as scratches on the metallic surface including discoloring of plating. Discoloration usually occurs from exposure to sun, water, chemicals etc.
  • Leather straps, bracelets, buckles/clasps, crystals and crowns

These can all be fixed and replaced under non-warranty repairs

The warranty does not does not include maintenance like changing batteries, ensuring water resistance, and all other services other than replacement of defective warranted parts.

In order for your warranty to be honored, your watch must have been purchased from an authorized dealer and you have to supply us with your proof of purchase. 

Your watch will be professionally repaired within a reasonable time, depending on the nature of the problem. You must understand however that watch repairs are time-consuming and done completely by hand. Our watchmakers must have sufficient time to correct your problem.

Unless stated otherwise, you will be charged for postage to and from the repair center.

Proof of Purchase
If you purchased your watch from or an authorized Gevril retailer, it is guaranteed for a period of two years from the original date of purchase. You must provide our repair department with an official warranty card signed by the retailer who sold you the watch OR your original purchase receipt. We can verify for you that the dealer you’re considering purchasing from is indeed authorized.

Damage Caused by Improper Care
If you store your watch improperly and damage results, the repairs aren’t typically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Do not store your watch in a damp location, and never leave a dead battery in a watch for an extended period of time.

Trying to repair a watch yourself or through an unauthorized repair facility will almost always void the manufacturer’s warranty. Watch repair is an exacting and delicate task. Even changing the battery in most watches should be left to a professional.