Collection: Airolo

Gevril's Airolo Collection stands as a sublime embodiment of minimalist artistry that results in an astonishing maximalist impact. With a meticulously honed design that allows the elegance of subtlety to resonate, Airolo emerges as a beacon of refinement, prominently showcasing the allure of diamonds.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating alpine retreat nestled deep within the Swiss Alps, where three valleys converge, the Airolo Collection is a reflection of this mesmerizing locale. It encapsulates the very essence of superior craftsmanship, style, and romance, resulting in a timepiece of profound significance.

Defined by a 36mm round stainless steel case, exquisitely polished, and featuring a luminous mother-of-pearl dial, Airolo takes center stage adorned with twelve diamonds, serving as markers of time's passage. Yet, the enchantment continues to unfold. The Airolo collection presents three compelling choices: a pristine stainless-steel bezel, an alluring half-diamond bezel graced by over half a carat of 34 diamonds, or an opulent full-diamond bezel adorned with nearly a carat of 56 diamonds, each masterfully chosen for their exceptional clarity and color. A final touch of sophistication is bestowed by a push-pull crown embellished with a captivating blue cabochon stone. The timepiece is elegantly complemented by either a genuine Italian Pearl Finished leather strap or a stainless-steel bracelet, allowing you to select the perfect harmony.

Gevril's Airolo collection flawlessly encapsulates sleek sophistication and chic elegance—a remarkable feat for a timepiece adorned with dazzling diamonds. Regardless of your preference, an Airolo timepiece remains an eternal symbol of timeless beauty and enduring grace.

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