Collection: Lugano

Gevril's Swiss Quartz Diamond Watch from the illustrious Lugano Collection stands as a cherished masterpiece, deserving of a place within the most esteemed galleries. With its gentle, romantic, and harmonious contours, this timepiece transcends the ordinary, embodying a creation that has been meticulously crafted to withstand the tests of time.

Drawing profound inspiration from its namesake city, Lugano, this exceptional creation seamlessly marries Swiss precision with Italian artistry. The Lugano timepiece, with its distinguished 36mm stainless steel case, possesses a distinctive form reminiscent of a concerto violin, a nod to the neoclassical palazzi that grace the city's landscape. Whether opting for the dazzling diamond iteration boasting a lavish impressive 1.35 carat ensemble of 60 diamonds, renowned for their exceptional clarity and color, or embracing the non-diamond variant featuring a resplendent stainless-steel case, each choice includes an exquisite-colored inlay encircling the mother-of-pearl inner dial. This meticulously designed inlay showcases an array of ten diamonds, while Roman numerals elegantly grace the 6 and 12 o'clock positions, further enhancing its timeless appeal. The option to select a genuine Italian snake-textured leather strap or a bracelet complemented by a deployment buckle adds the perfect final flourish to this composition reminiscent of a musical masterpiece.

Endowed with a history and influence that are truly distinctive, the Lugano Collection resonates akin to the finest Renaissance art—a masterpiece characterized by gracefully curved lines and a touch of exquisite diamonds. Much like a cherished sonnet, Lugano is a revered creation that sings to the heart and soul of those who behold it.
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