Collection: Morcote

Only once in a lifetime is such a breathtaking stunner achieved in design, and Gevril’s Morcote collection is a standout timepiece with a fresh, simple take on classic beauty.

From picturesque inspiration and a historically preserved land, this collection is a classic named after one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Much like the land that inspired its design, Morcote features colors and metals from mother nature to elegant effect. Like sloping mountain curves meeting a lake, the 36mm brushed polished case encompasses a stunning mother of pearl dial that does not shy away from its namesake’s moniker “the Pearl of Ceresio”. The true mark of this watch, the remarkable dial, features 12 cultured diamonds as time indices. And, not to be outdone, this collection features an option for a, nearly unmatched, diamond count of one and a half carats in 80 Cultured diamonds on the case accentuating nature’s beauty with opulence and organic, clean lines. Each watch comes with a genuine Italian leather strap with tang buckle that boldly represents the best of land and sea in a monument of nature itself.

Escape into Morcote, because beauty this gracious deserves admiration. More than a watch, Morcote is an experience to behold.