Collection: Gandria

Gevril's Swiss Diamond Watch from the enchanting Gandria Collection evokes a sense of timeless allure that only those attuned to nostalgia and refined elegance can truly appreciate. It is a symphony of beauty that remains unblemished, for genuine style is eternally ageless.

Immersed in the essence of the idyllic town of Gandria, with its panoramic lake vistas and enveloping mountains, this horological masterpiece embodies a revelation like no other. It is a living testament to its namesake, boasting a 36mm round stainless-steel case cast in a warm bronze hue that radiantly accentuates an array of delicately beaded or brilliantly diamond-studded adornments. Whether bedecked with a half-carat constellation of 40 diamonds adorning the inner case or adorned with a nearly celestial carat of 108 diamonds gracing the outer case, each rendition forms an entrancing duality of concentric circles, encircling a tranquil and chic mother-of-pearl dial punctuated by Roman Numeral indices.

Much like the elusive charm of Gandria, inaccessible by car and untouched by the ravages of time, Gevril's Swiss Quartz movement attests to a history so impeccably constructed that it requires no intervention. Enhanced by a sumptuous satin strap, secured with a tang buckle and crowned with a discreet push/pull mechanism, this beguiling timepiece possesses an understated prowess to captivate any room effortlessly.

In a realm where contemporary luxury often strives to be bold and ostentatious, the Gandria Collection emerges as a beacon of serene and authentically regal allure. A tribute to an unadulterated, intrinsic beauty, Gevril's Gandria stands as an exquisite embodiment of enduring elegance—a breathtaking classic destined to transcend eras.

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