Collection: Ascari

Gevril's Ascari collection transcends the realm of a mere sporting watch; it's an epitome of elevated peak performance, a masterpiece that embodies the precision and exactitude befitting an elite Italian racing virtuoso — an essence truly worthy of such stature.

Pay homage to the legacy of Formula One luminary and two-time world champion, Alberto Ascari, this collection stands as a first-class creation in its own right. Just as Ascari himself secured consecutive world titles, this watch radiates a commanding aura. With its imposing 43mm stainless steel stature, crowned with a forged carbon black bezel, it exudes a dynamic presence. The patterned dial, adorned with luminous hands, bears the hallmarks of precision akin to the racing legend's art. Amidst the illusion of time, where each second holds paramount significance, Ascari's Arabian raised numerals stand as testaments to exactitude, accuracy, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Embodying the pinnacle of horological finesse, this advanced timepiece boasts a date window and a mesmerizing exhibition case back, unveiling the intricate tapestry of Swiss automatic movement that propels its seamless dance. Ascari leaves no room for compromise — there are no shortcuts in its design. The screw-down crown, adorned with the iconic Gevril logo, signifies a meticulous attention to detail. Elegantly inscribed second markers not only ensure legibility, but also serve as your trusted companions in timing laps with unparalleled precision and clarity.

The Ascari collection makes an indelible statement through its bold contours and refined lines. It's a symphony of masterful engineering that mirrors the performance prowess of Ferrari, continuing the legendary narrative of its Italian namesake. Ascari asserts itself as the sovereign ruler of watches, the apex of sophistication and power, a statement piece that redefines luxury horology in every resplendent tick.

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