Collection: Canal Street

Mirroring the audacity of its eponym, the Canal Street Collection, curated by Gevril, masterfully encapsulates the vitality of this iconic avenue nestled within the heart of New York City. With an air of uncompromising sophistication, this series emerges as a distinguished embodiment of horological artistry.

Downtown Manhattan, renowned for its timeless elegance and avant-garde street fashion, finds its essence distilled within the Canal Street Collection. Amidst the dynamic interplay between the chic confines of Chelsea and the opulent allure of SoHo, the resplendent spirit of Canal Street materializes in this exquisite ensemble of watches. This collection seamlessly intertwines opulence and urban dynamism, a reflection of the very thoroughfare it celebrates.

Precision craftsmanship and resplendent detailing converge harmoniously within this series, an ode to the meticulous standards upheld by Gevril. The very heartbeat of time is choreographed by the illustrious Swiss Automatic movement, a testament to horological excellence that resonates through each tick and tock.

The Canal Street Collection by Gevril stands as a testament to refinement and robustness, encapsulating the spirit of its namesake with an aura of unassailable sophistication. In each timepiece, the legacy of Canal Street beckons, inviting you to adorn your wrist with the epitome of luxurious distinction.
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