Collection: New Amsterdam

Indulge in the pinnacle of opulence and masculinity with the revelation of New Amsterdam, a tour de force in the realm of horology, courtesy of Gevril's resplendent Swiss Automatic Chronograph Watch. An embodiment of industrial sophistication, this collection redefines the very essence of timeless elegance while establishing an unmatched standard for those who demand nothing less than the quintessence of luxury fused with unwavering utility.

New Amsterdam's presence transcends the mere notion of textile and design craftsmanship; it is a symphony of meticulous artistry that transforms fastidiousness into an exquisite expression of refinement. More than the sum of its components, this automatic chronograph watch features a commanding 40mm round stainless-steel case, meticulously polished to a brilliant luster, crowned with a top ring that harmoniously complements the awe-inspiring exhibition case back, unveiling the intricate dance of time.

The dial, available in pristine white or the deepest black, serves as a canvas upon which New Amsterdam orchestrates a visual masterpiece. The strategically placed chronograph sub dials, adorning the 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions, exemplify a meticulous fusion of art and functionality. Luminous indexes cast a beguiling glow, while the meticulously crafted screw-down crown stands as an emblem of precision engineering. These elements unite seamlessly, encompassed by a 316L stainless steel satin and polished oyster bracelet, secured with a deployment buckle, embodying the pinnacle of form and function.

At its very core, the Swiss Automatic Movement, ETA 7753 , beats with unwavering precision, a hallmark of horological excellence that infuses an intricate grace into every heartbeat of time. New Amsterdam stands as a testament to the connoisseurship of the modern master craftsman, exuding an air of sophistication suited for the grandest occasions while remaining effortlessly adaptable for the nuances of everyday life.

For those who resonate with an elegance that bears an edge, New Amsterdam is the ultimate sartorial indulgence. It's more than a watch; it's a symphony of luxury, craftsmanship, and innovation that harmonizes seamlessly to create an unparalleled masterpiece, inviting you to elevate your sense of style to the zenith of extravagance.

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