Collection: Jones Street

Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the vibrant pulse of creativity, Jones Street emerges as the epitome of poised elegance. In perfect resonance, Gevril's Jones St. Collection bears a name synonymous with dependability and is meticulously crafted with an unwavering sense of purpose.

Drawing inspiration from the artistic tapestry that envelops its surroundings, while retaining an architectural integrity that stands proudly on its own, the Jones St. Collection becomes an ode to harmonious fusion. With a commanding 55mm round stainless-steel case, it emanates strength and presence. The textured sunray and sandblasted dial embody the marriage of art and precision, while the Sellita SW200 Swiss automatic watch movement orchestrates a symphony of timekeeping prowess, complete with a multi-circular structure and a date wheel that graces the dial.

The polished bezel and brushed case culminate in a refined aesthetic, a testament to the discerning gentleman's taste for sophistication and reliability. The Jones St. Collection defies brevity, mirroring its namesake in cultural significance. Available in a choice of two-toned or silver stainless-steel bracelet, secured by a deployment buckle, each watch is a limited-edition masterpiece, boasting the allure of an exhibition case back.

Trusted and secure, yet brimming with cultural gravitas, Jones St. strides the line between timeless artistry and commercial prowess. It embodies an unwavering steadiness, a watch that never succumbs to the mundane. Like its namesake street, it encapsulates a world of meaning, making it the quintessential classic timepiece that graces the wrist of the modern man. The Jones St. Men's Collection — a legacy of refined elegance and enduring sophistication

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