Collection: Excelsior

A triumphant cry of "Excelsior!" resounds, embodying not just a motto, but an unwavering movement of progress and achievement. Gevril's Swiss Automatic Watch from the Exquisite Excelsior Collection stands as a crowning jewel, a horological masterpiece that pays homage to the relentless spirit of the aspirational man who never rests on his laurels.

Derived from the Latin "ever upward," Excelsior becomes the clarion call for those forward-thinkers, the audacious movers and doers who relentlessly chase their aspirations. This collection, brimming with ambition and epitomizing unparalleled quality, showcases a resplendent 42mm round case, available in satin gold, rose gold, or stainless steel, meticulously polished to a reflective brilliance and crowned by an exquisite top ring. The sunray dial, a central protagonist in this saga of magnificence, commands the stage with precision indexes and a push-pull crown, inviting you to seize control of time itself.

Embodying perpetual growth and eternal refinement, Excelsior embodies the philosophy of ceaseless advancement, constant development, and a steadfast refusal to settle. Within its heart beats the soul of Swiss watchmaking excellence — the prestigious Sellita SW240 automatic movement, a testament to precision and craftsmanship that guides the intricate choreography of timekeeping. A day indicator, adorning the regal 12 o'clock position, pays homage to the unrelenting spirit that propels each fleeting moment. An exhibition case back, a window into the very essence of this exceptional creation, demonstrates the commitment to transparency and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

For the relentless souls who dare to envision greatness, Excelsior renders the concept of succession obsolete. It isn't about superfluous embellishments; true greatness emanates from an unyielding drive, a fervent desire, a resolute intention, and an unwavering purpose that culminate in an extraordinary whole. In your unceasing quest for more, Excelsior emerges as the pinnacle standard — an emblem of distinction that beckons you to embrace nothing but the zenith of horological achievement.

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