Collection: Squalo

Exude an air of unrivaled elegance and precision with the pinnacle of diver's timepieces - GV2's exquisite Squalo Collection. Effortlessly glide through the aqueous expanse, admired for your impeccable sense of style, while seamlessly monitoring your performance with a sophistication that garners envy. Designed for the innate leader, whether immersed in aquatic depths or poised atop the land's dominion, this sporting watch exudes an aura of commanding presence.


The Squalo Collection, characterized by its streamlined elegance, exemplifies the very essence of velocity, intelligence, and reliability. A symphony of design elements culminates in an instrument that is not only visually captivating but also inherently capable. Sporting an inner rotating bezel, augmented by a meticulously notched ceramic outer bezel, this chronograph houses Swiss automatic movement - an embodiment of impeccable precision. Its prowess in calculating knots is unequivocal, a testament to its technical prowess.


In the depths where visibility wanes, the Squalo collection stands unwavering, thanks to double time markers, luminous hands, and hour markers that pierce through the darkest recesses. Its ability to withstand the pressures of the abyss is attested by its remarkable water resistance of up to 100 meters. The interplay of form and function is elevated further by the solid steel bracelet, seamlessly enlacing the 46mm round case, a stronghold of indomitable security that remains impervious to the tides of uncertainty.


Commanding, revered, effortlessly sleek, and resolutely resolute – this is Squalo. A testimony to your innate authority, a beacon of elegance and precision that encapsulates your essence. Allow the Squalo Collection by GV2 to not just accompany you but to embody your unwavering sovereignty over every facet of your endeavors.

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