Collection: Burano

Introducing the epitome of luxury inspired by one of the world's most vibrant destinations: the GV2 Women's Burano Genuine Diamond Swiss Watch.

Step into the allure of Burano, an Italian jewel where the azure waters embrace the vivid tapestry of island architecture. Reflecting the kaleidoscope of Burano's hues, this exquisite timepiece transcends mere functionality to become a wearable masterpiece. Encased within a 34mm stainless steel frame lies a mesmerizing mother-of-pearl dial, available in lagoon-inspired shades of white, blue, or green, adorned with a diamond-cut ring.

As you immerse yourself in the luminous charm of the dial's ten luminescent gemstones, reminiscent of the vibrant homes lining Burano's canals, your gaze is drawn to the intricately designed steel or gold metal bracelet, a nod to the delicate lacework for which Burano is renowned.

Crafted with the precision and expertise that defines GV2's legacy, this timepiece boasts anti-reflective sapphire crystal, ensuring clarity and durability, while its water-resistant feature up to 50 meters guarantees reliability in any setting. Powered by the esteemed Swiss Quartz movement, every tick of the Burano Collection echoes the sophistication and precision for which Swiss watchmaking is revered.

From a scintillatingly sought-after destination to a sumptuous adornment, GV2's Burano Collection transcends the ordinary, leaving only desire to the imagination. Indulge in luxury that captures the essence of Burano, where every glance at your wrist evokes the enchanting beauty of this captivating Italian paradise.

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