Collection: Lenox

Gevril’s newest Lenox collection epitomizes what it means to be a luxury and a staple. Holding two ideas at once, the Lenox is stunning in its simplicity, bold in its design. Sturdy and reliable while oozing upscale confidence and zeal, this is Lenox.

High-end watches need not be staid, and Lenox is anything but. After its Manhattan namesake, the collection is rich in history featuring Swiss Automatic Movement and culturally prominent with its tachymeter, multi-function month, day and date indicator. Perfect for putting on the Ritz or taking in the jazz scene, this collection is charming in its masculine ease. The 44mm stainless steel case with exhibition back speaks to the past while the day/date window and luminous hands and markers call to the future.

Lenox is a grand timepiece with little time for ostentatiousness because while money talks, wealth whispers. An affluent take on deep cultural roots, Lenox is a daily testament to who you aspire to be.