Collection: Venice

In the enchanting tapestry of Swiss craftsmanship, ignited by the eternal flame of iconic Italian design, emerges the Venice Collection by GV2—a symphony that encapsulates the poetic allure and sartorial opulence of Venice, Italy.

Each timepiece from this illustrious collection is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to adorn wrists with timeless elegance. The gleam of ion-plated gold and stainless steel bands dances in harmony with the exquisite round diamond-cut bezel, casting a mesmerizing spell that captivates all who behold it.

The Venice Collection pays homage to its namesake with resplendent details that whisper of Venetian charm and sophistication. Six radiant diamonds, artfully inlaid around a sapphire face, shimmer like stars against the night sky. These enchanting elements harmoniously juxtapose with the geometric bracelet, a testament to timeless beauty and modern chic.

Classic yet eternally stylish, the Venice Collection transcends mere timekeeping. It captures the very essence of beauty and romance that Venice, Italy, so elegantly embodies, allowing you to carry a piece of this iconic city's spirit with you, wherever you go.

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