Collection: Vanderbilt

When Alva Vanderbilt entrusted eminent architect Richard Morris Hunt to create her opulent Fifth Avenue chateau, she envisioned more than just a residence; she aimed to craft a legend. And a legend it became. From 1883 until its regal demise in 1926, the mansion held its place as an iconic address in Manhattan.

As a tribute to the legacy of this remarkable abode, Gevril presents the Vanderbilt Collection – a realm of opulence, spanning time and design. These magnificent 47mm men's automatic timepieces are not just watches; they are the embodiment of heritage and prestige.

The intricate skeletonized Swiss automatic movement within is a masterpiece of precision, a symphony of engineering that leaves no secrets hidden. The open-heart design unveils the artistry at play, both on the front and back of the watch. The exhibition back, adorned with a stylized rendering of the celebrated Fifth Avenue Vanderbilt mansion, celebrates history with every tick.

Much like the renowned Vanderbilt mansion, these timepieces are designed to command attention. With an air of elegance, they seamlessly transition from the most formal soirées to the most casual encounters. The substantial 47mm size is a statement of masculinity, a boldness that exudes confidence and distinction.

This is more than a timepiece; it's an emblem of prestige and panache. It's not just meant to be worn; it's meant to be celebrated. As you embrace the legacy of the Vanderbilt Collection, you are enveloped in a tradition that spans eras – from the Fifth Avenue mansion to your wrist, echoing the resplendence of a bygone era and elevating your presence to new heights.
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