Collection: Spello

Revel in the allure of opulence akin to the quaint, age-old Italian town adorned with stone and flowers, for GV2's Spello Collection is a tapestry of luxury that masterfully weaves together the raw beauty of nature with the gentle caress of refined elegance. In a harmonious convergence of organic elements and delicate embellishments, the Spello Collection stands as a resplendent testament to the symphony of design.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating charm of its namesake town, Spello Collection marries the rich essence of nature with exquisite aesthetics, creating a bewitching fusion that is impossible to resist. Much like the vibrant hues of floral splendor that stand in contrast to the rugged stone walls enveloping the Umbrian town, the timepieces in this collection reflect this captivating juxtaposition. The mother of pearl watch face, adorned with 12 radiant diamond time markers, finds its perfect harmony encircled by a diamond-cut bezel, capturing the essence of stark beauty offset by vibrant life.

At the heart of this collection lies the masterpiece—a blossom-inspired dodecagon case, an emblem of nature's elegance, embraced by a breathtaking halo of micro pave. The genuine Italian suede band, reminiscent of medieval stone and infused with an air of regality, adds the final stroke of distinction. This delicate yet boldly feminine timepiece stands as an embodiment of grace and strength, a reflection of the harmonious blend of softness and tenacity.

Step into a realm where elegance meets empowerment, where the ethereal charm of nature intertwines with the allure of luxury. Radiate brilliance with the Spello Collection, an exquisite symphony of design that encapsulates the very essence of feminine grandeur and captivating allure.

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