Collection: Palermo

A timepiece fit for royalty, GV2’s Palermo is a masterpiece of graceful elegance, an exquisite jewel that sets the standard for opulent design. With an air of timeless sophistication and a touch of enchanting adornment, Palermo transports radiance to an entirely new realm of femininity.

Taking its name from the captivating capital city of Sicily, Palermo embodies the regal allure one would expect from a place with both royal heritage and the magic of opera. This Swiss quartz diamond gemstone watch is a true gem of luxury, boasting a delicately rounded stainless steel case that finds its radiance complemented by a diamond-cut bezel, reminiscent of the most precious of treasures.

The dial, a canvas of luminous mother-of-pearl, plays host to 8 dazzling diamonds, arranged like stars in a night sky. To add a touch of regal grandeur, an additional 8 exquisite gemstones grace the dial, arranged like the spokes of a crown. This intricate embellishment pays homage to the elegance of royalty and the captivating allure of jewelry.

A crown adorned with a resplendent blue cabochon stone rests atop the timepiece, a signature of distinction that exudes femininity and luxury. The genuine handmade Italian leather strap, adorned with jewel-toned hues and secured by a tang buckle, wraps the wrist in a tender embrace, mirroring the elegance of a cherished piece of jewelry.

With diamonds and gemstones that seem to dance like stars, every aspect of Palermo is a symphony of beauty. It's not just a watch; it's a work of art, a reflection of the wearer's grace and poise. Palermo captures the essence of femininity and elegance, embodying a legacy of opulence that transcends time. Adorn your wrist with Palermo, and allow its radiant charm to enchant your every moment.

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