Collection: Palermo

A timepiece fit for royalty, GV2’s Palermo is a crowning achievement in elegant design. With an air of sophistication and considerable adornment, Palermo takes radiance to a new level.

Named after the capital city of Sicily, Palermo exemplifies the palatial beauty expected from a region with both royal and operatic origins. The Swiss quartz diamond gemstone watch has a regal, round, stainless steel case surrounded by a diamond cut bezel. The radiantly designed mother of pearl dial contains 8 diamonds and an added accoutrement of 8 stunning gemstones, the jewels lain on the face like spokes of a crown.

GV2’s most studded watch is capped by a push pull fluted crown with blue cabochon stone, and the genuine handmade Italian leather strap with tang buckle sings in jewel-toned hues. With diamonds and gemstones fit for a museum vault, every element of Palermo is melodiously designed with beauty in mind.

Sparkling is an understatement – the Palermo collection is simply magnificent. Without missing an opportunity for opulence, it’s so good, Palermo will take your breath away.