Collection: Naples

Nestled upon the sun-kissed shores of southern Italy, the coastal jewel of Naples stands as a vibrant convergence where the heartbeat of metropolitan culture intertwines with the echoes of ancient architecture. In the enchanting aura of this seaside sanctuary, where the past seamlessly embraces the present, and where seascapes harmonize with skyscrapers, the Naples Collection by GV2 emerges as a testament to this artful juxtaposition. This collection is a symphony of breathtaking designs, capturing the essence of dynamism, and enriching it with delicate details that transcend time.

Adorning the mother of pearl dial is an ensemble of eleven inlaid single-cut diamonds, each ensconced within a square gold setting, casting a luminous cascade that evokes a celestial shimmer. This enchanting display is harmoniously juxtaposed with a textured pattern that graces the bezel, echoing the spirited juxtaposition of old-world charm and modern allure. The round case, adorned with a push-pull crown and magnified date complication, becomes a canvas of choice — be it the ethereal rose gold, the classic silver, or the opulent gold.

Every glance is met by the protective embrace of anti-reflective sapphire, ensuring pristine clarity and a glimpse into the passage of time. Water-resistant up to 50 meters, this resilient timepiece is a paragon of durability, guided by the precision of Swiss Quartz movement. The choice of a romantic rose gold, timeless stainless steel, or luxurious yellow gold is paired with an elegant deployment buckle and bracelet, allowing the wearer to embrace the epitome of opulent customization.

With an essence that is both graceful and sophisticated, the Naples Collection becomes a testament to iconic Italian accessory design. It's more than a watch; it's a symphony of artistry and elegance that encapsulates the very spirit of Naples — a timeless fusion of history and modernity, the rhythmic cadence of waves and the soaring heights of contemporary marvels.

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