Collection: Lombardy

As the fashion and financial epicenter of Italy, Lombardy is the lap of luxury, and the GV2 Women's Lombardy Swiss Diamond Watch Collection is an aptly named aspirational element of design.

Each monochromatically colored watch contains the spirit of dramatic scenery, art, culture and above all, opulence. From the high-end fashion scene of Milan, to the stunning views of Lake Como, peak sophistication abounds. In rich, covetous jewel tones, Alpine white or lavish Jet Black, each Lombardy piece brings a twinkle to the eye.

Stainless steel touches and diamond detailing adorn these 36mm, round monochromatic stunners with glittering, 8-diamond studded dial and sparkling Italian leather band. All that glitters is Italian luxury with Swiss quality movement.

Fashionable, delicate, soft and bright: Lombardy is awe-inspiring. Astonish. Shine. Shimmer. Lombardy.