Collection: Berletta

In the realm of refinement, a lady instinctively appreciates the eloquence that resides upon her wrist.


The right timepiece, adorning your wrist with grace, unveils a profound declaration of your essence. When you choose to embrace the 37 mm ladies GV2 Berletta, you ensure that your message is one of unerring sophistication and discerning taste.


This masterpiece of horological artistry, impeccably detailed and graced with a timeless three-hand configuration, serves as the epitome of understated elegance. Each glance at the dial, meticulously quilted and bedecked with fifteen exquisite diamonds, draws you into a world where luxury speaks in hushed tones. Discreet raised studs, a testament to subtlety, assume their roles as indices, while a fluted crown, adorned with a resplendent blue cabochon, stands as the crowning jewel of this inspired design.


A diamond-cut bezel, a sparkling diadem, elegantly encircles the dial, its brilliance framed by lugs that bear the prestigious GV2 logo. The result is an exquisite tapestry of craftsmanship and sophistication that gracefully enhances any ensemble you choose to adorn.

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