Collection: Astor

Manhattan's illustrious Astor Place, a realm synonymous with theater and artistic expression, stands as the muse behind one of GV2's most opulent creations, a masterpiece born from the tapestry of inspiration.

Astor Place, revered as the residence of The Joseph Papp Public Theater and the iconic "Cube" sculpture by Tony Rosenthal, boasts an aura that reverberates with the echoes of creativity and culture. Within its embrace, a sanctuary for artistry is forged, where every facet exudes sophistication and grandeur.

The Astor, a timepiece of unrivaled elegance, unfurls a grand drama upon your wrist. A diamond-encrusted bezel, an ode to luxury, ensconces an oversized dial, adorned with commanding Roman numerals that exude a bold allure. At the heart of this horological masterpiece lies a floating continuous seconds sub-dial at 6 o'clock, a dance of time that beckons with every graceful motion. Resplendent and captivating, the Astor is a symphony of opulence that finds its stage upon the wrist of every discerning woman.

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