How to Choose the Right Size for Your Watch

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Watch

Dial Size

The size of a watch depends on the diameter of the dial. Whatever your style is, the choice of a dial is a matter of personal taste.

It will usually vary from 22 to 49 mm. If you preffer a smaller size, look at dials smaller than 36 mm. 36mm and 42mm are a more standard size.

For larger dials, choose a size larger than 42 mm.

Bracelet Size

Find out how to measure a band size with our printable PDF guide. You will be able to measure the ideal size of your bracelet according to your wrist size.

After finding the right size, you may add a note of the size on the cart page when ordering on our website and have the bracelet resized for you at no extra charge.

Click here for our size guide: Size Guide

Feel free to email us with any questions at

Please note: If you are resizing the bracelet yourself, the screwdriver must be the exact size of the screw to avoid damage. 

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