Collection: XO Submarine

The latest embodiment of luxury, the XO Submarine collection redefines sporty elegance with the timeless essence that distinguishes GV2. Positioned at the zenith of design and technological prowess, the automatic XO Submarine stands as a testament to avant-garde geometry, a harmonious fusion of form and function that pays homage to its nautical namesake. Rooted in the legacy of timepieces that once adorned the walls of battle submarines, the XO Submarine emerges as a masterpiece that encapsulates history, innovation, and unparalleled refinement.

The XO Submarine epitomizes the quintessence of luxury watchmaking, representing a contemporary take on a classic art form that sets GV2 apart. With an architectural elegance that pushes the boundaries of horological design, this automatic marvel heralds state-of-the-art geometric precision, embodying a visual symphony that captures the imagination.

A nod to its maritime inspiration, the XO Submarine showcases a unique square case, encircling the exquisite round watch face. The cog-like dual time zones, reminiscent of intricate mechanisms, speak to the meticulous craftsmanship that defines this collection. An inner rotating bezel adds an additional layer of functionality, reminiscent of a commander's calculated movements.

Stepping into the depths with confidence, the XO Submarine boasts water resistance up to 100 meters. This timepiece is not merely a companion; it's an instrument for timing those exhilarating deep dives, a symbol of your fearless exploration of life's uncharted waters.

In an array of bold, dark shades, enhanced by luminous hands and hour markers, this sleek collection marries functionality with aesthetics. Versatile and commanding, it effortlessly transitions between special force operations and the rigors of daily use. With the XO Submarine collection, you command not just time, but also the legacy of elegance and precision that defines the pinnacle of luxury horology.

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