Collection: Turin

Nestled gracefully on the western banks of the Po River, the resplendent city of Turin stands as a testament to vibrancy, culture, and grandeur in the embrace of Northern Italia. With the majestic Alps gracing every vista, Turin emerges as an exquisite jewel on the world's crown, captivating souls with its poetic piazzas, tree-lined boulevards, captivating art galleries, and sumptuous ristorantes. This destination of discerning tastes exudes an aura of grandeur and refinement, a testament to its history steeped in commerce, architectural opulence, fine wines, and the illustrious sporting lifestyle it so proudly heralds.

Gevril's newest timepiece collection was birthed from the very essence of Turin's enchanting journey. The legacy of royalty, harmoniously interwoven with Turin's resolute ethos and the dramatic panorama of its landscapes, forms the bedrock upon which this collection's trendsetting elegance is erected.

As if conjured from dreams, the Mother-of-Pearl dials, awash in an array of captivating hues, are gracefully adorned with eleven scintillating diamonds, each a testament to the amalgamation of royalty, commerce, and culture. Encircled by a stainless steel cut bezel case, these timepieces radiate an aura of grandeur reminiscent of Turin's very soul. Possessing the unyielding precision of Swiss Quartz Movement, the Ronda Caliber 705, the Turin Collection is a masterpiece that effortlessly transitions from a day on the slopes to the sophisticated soirées that follow – a canvas upon which après-ski and the symphony of a gallery opening are elegantly etched. Beneath the Alpine skies, the Turin Collection bids you "Ciao Bella," a timeless homage to the nexus where opulence and sophistication intertwine.

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