Collection: Triton

Emerging from an era of opulent grandeur, the Triton, commissioned in 1959, etched its illustrious name in history as the largest, most formidable, and extravagantly priced submarine of its time. Such an illustrious lineage finds its equal in the Triton timepiece, a true embodiment of magnificence. A submarine-inspired case of 48mm proportions, replete with its distinctive design language, bestows upon the masculine Triton the power to make an unequivocal statement.


This horological masterpiece, a tribute to its nautical muse, exudes a harmonious fusion of strength and elegance. The Triton's colossal case, reminiscent of the submarine's resolute form, commands attention with a presence that resonates far beyond mere aesthetics. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to excellence, this Swiss Made automatic timepiece stands as a hallmark of precision and sophistication.


Exquisite marine detailing, an homage to its maritime lineage, adorns every facet of the Triton. A symphony of design ingenuity unfolds with precision twin spinning rotors gracing the side of the case, an ode to mechanical prowess and a nod to the Triton's powerful propulsion. The very essence of movement is articulated in the swinging lower lugs, reminiscent of a vessel's rhythmic sway on the open seas. And as the Triton rests against your wrist, the case back reveals an intricate rotating turbine, a mesmerizing testament to the intricacies of marine engineering.


Imbued with an unapologetic aura of opulence, the Triton is designed to ensnare the gaze of onlookers. It's more than a watch; it's a masterpiece that encapsulates the allure of grandeur, from the golden age of the Triton submarine to the modern echelons of horological brilliance. With the Triton adorning your wrist, you command attention not just with style, but with a legacy of unmatched elegance and mechanical prowess.

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