Collection: Sorrento

Indulge in the allure of our exquisite GV2 Sorrento Collection, an opulent testament to the captivating ambiance of Italy's picturesque coastal gem, Sorrento. Conjuring visions of sun-kissed lemon groves, the azure expanse of the sea, and quaint homes perched atop cliffside vistas, these timepieces transport you to a realm of unparalleled luxury.

Each piece within the Sorrento Collection boasts an intricate arrangement of 12 resplendent diamonds, meticulously cradled in a timeless prong setting upon a luminous mother of pearl dial. The circular stainless-steel case, measuring a graceful 33mm, exudes sophistication, harmoniously united with a bezel adorned in the scintillating brilliance of diamond cuts—an embellishment that augments its inherent Italian allure.

While legends may speak of the elegance embraced by the French, our watch presents a beguiling counterpoint. It evokes the fluidity of a silk slip dress, effortlessly swaying in tune with the precision of its Swiss Quartz movement—a dance that resonates with a symphony of elegance.

The Sorrento timepiece is a treasure trove of romance and refinement, a sentiment-laden gift for cherished ones or an indulgence exclusively reserved for you. It's an encapsulation of a tale of love, a verse of passion, and an embodiment of radiance—purely Sorrento.

Elevate your style to an echelon of opulence; immerse yourself in the essence of Sorrento.

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