Collection: Palmanova

Palmanova, an emblem of strength and beauty, stands as the radiant star-shaped Renaissance fortress that has bestowed inspiration upon GV2's latest masterpiece. The Palmanova Women's Collection, a testament to the awe-inspiring allure of this historical gem, is nothing short of a regal achievement.

At its heart, an octagonal bezel, a marvel of design, gracefully embraces a dial adorned with six dazzling diamonds that gleam like celestial beacons. Available in Stainless Steel, 18-karat Rose, or Yellow Gold IP, this collection resonates with opulence that transcends time.

This magnificent creation, equipped with a date window at 6 o'clock and powered by Gevril's signature Swiss Quartz Movement, embodies the essence of confident elegance. The Palmanova timepiece possesses a presence that is nothing short of striking, serving as a powerful reminder to every star to seize her day with unwavering determination.
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