GV2 8901 Termoclino Watch

GV2 8901 Termoclino Watch

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The GV2 Termoclino is a genuinely impressive timepiece. The watch is designed for professional divers and is water resistant to an astounding 1,000 meters. Achieving reliable water resistance at these extreme depths is extremely difficult and GV2 believes it is vital to verify the performance of an instrument that could mean the difference between life and death for deep-sea divers. That’s why every Termoclino timepiece that leaves the GV2 factory has a certificate of authenticity that verifies the water resistance and performance of the watch.

Everything about the Termoclino had been designed with the professional diver in mind. The 48 mm timepiece is equipped with a specially designed pressure resistant 316L stainless steel case that is secured using a professional screw-in case back. The watch features a large, extremely readable dial that uses a bright Swiss Superluminova coating on the numbers and hands to ensure easy readability under deep-water conditions.

The critical minute hand, used in conjunction with the aluminum unidirectional rotating bezel to calculate remaining dive time, is painted a bright orange for maximum visibility. There is also a professional screw down crown and orange tipped sweep second hand. Like many high-end diver timepieces, the Termoclino does not utilize a day or date display that might obscure the diver’s view of critical time information.

Each of these limited edition timepieces is individually serialized and features an engraving of the characteristic deep sea diver’s helmet on the back of the watch. The high performance 316L stainless steel case is paired with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a comfortable silicon strap. The watch is powered by a precision Swiss made quartz movement for trouble-free operation under all conditions.