GV2 9501 Scacchi Men's Black Dial Calfskin Leather Watch

SKU: 9501

About This Watch

Each Scacchi watch features a substantial 46 mm case made from stainless steel. The case back boasts a round checkerboard engraved pattern as well as a small aperture to glimpse the movement’s winding rotor. The sides of the case are fluted, as is the head of the crown, which resembles a rook — an important chessman.
Chess is the game of kings. Some enjoy it quietly between friends; others play competitively at the international tournament level. The Scacchi watch by GV2 is appropriate in either scenario and versatile far beyond. Whether it’s to express a general interest and strike up a conversation, or simply to delight in the game’s regal sensibilities on a daily basis, consider the GV2 Scacchi as the next addition to your watch collection.