The real trailblazers of art and industry take chances to achieve the extraordinary. In the world of watches, where the landscape is inundated with homogenous design, only a select few dare to innovate – the GV2 brand is one of them.

GV2 watches are geared toward people who are inclined to resist the usual and who opt instead to sink their teeth into the more inventive flavors life has to offer. Like the people who wear them, GV2 watches are distinctive, imaginative and original.

GV2 4002 Stadium CasebackFrom the day it was established, GV2 pushed the boundaries of design, and today it has hit full stride. As ever, GV2 watches are  from the same high-quality components used by the brand’s luxury parent –  – and assembled by the same skilled craftsmen.

The evolution of GV2 watches is apparent in every new timepiece the brand offers: its focus is on progressive design combined with tried-and-true movements and components, which serve as its backbone. Best of all, GV2 watches are offered at prices that make owning a collection of Swiss made watches both desirable and attainable.

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